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December 17, 2011

Farmer's Market

We have many Farmer's Markets in & around
the city beside our small, rural community.

Our favorite is the Old Strathcona,
located in a very trendy, heritage area.
Old buildings & tons of charm.

Huge tree!

Love the old skylights.
Reminds me of a memory from my childhood.

Shoppers searching for unique gifts.

This is where we buy our
Cedar Greens each year
for our dining room table,
mantle & living room.

Huge wreath!

My lovey, enjoying some Celtic music.


Looks cold outside but it was +4.
This time of year, it's usually -24.

We're not complaining!

View down the cobblestone street.


What's this?

Could it be snow?


bellaboo said...

Looks like you could be having a white Christmas!? :0)

Chy said...

Just hours after posting, my daughter walked past the window & got all excited, announcing "it's snowing, it's snowing"! We had the most beautiful "Christmas Eve" snowfall that lasted just a few hours but left us with a blanket of fluffy snow. It will melt away by tomorrow as our temps are supposed to be +4 all week. But totally put the feeling of Christmas into my heart!

I'm off to shovel.