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December 2, 2011

Spoiled Rotten ...

... for my birthday on the 30th.

Lucky lady I am.

I woke up to sunlight streaming in the window, slightly confused as dh always wakes me up before he leaves for work & it's always in the dark. I discovered quickly that he had in fact taken the day off to take me anywhere my heart desired.

Our day started with haircuts at the spa ~ pampering is always good on a snowy, windy day. I then had the most wonderful gift placed in my lap: a very chubby four month old who is our "teacher" once a month at our preschool. She comes in with her mom & older sister to help the little ones learn empathy as they watch her grow from a wee baby to a toddler by the time the program is ended in June.

I love squishy babies!

Then we headed in to the city for some great Christmas shopping.

Home for a wonderful take out dinner made by our friend, presents, cake & then a hot bubble bath to end the day.

All my lovely gifts:

Martha Stewart's
"A Year of Entertaining".

Becky Kelly's
"From Grandmother, With Love".

Thomas Kinkade's
"I'll Be Home For Christmas".

Two "Bunnies by the Bay" for Christmas.

A $50 Gift Certificate for new clothes.

And the one I'm so excited for
but have to wait until next August:

Front Row Tickets to
Cirque de Soleil's "Quidam".

The most unexpected was
this beautiful
Trisha Romance Christmas Plate.

I've been looking for years.
And found it on my birthday.
One of my birthday wishes was to go to
the Antique Mall
& I'm so glad we did!

Christmas Cherished Teddy.

Becky Johnson bracelet.
Can't wait to wear it next week
to dear hubby's office Christmas Party.
What will his co-workers think of the
bosses wife wearing
a bracelet with
a jewelled skull dangling from it?

Gifts are always fun but my favorites moments are opening the special cards that carry magical words of love, Facebook messages from far away friends, phone calls with singing messages from the callers, & greetings from co-workers & community members.

Once a year, it's lovely to have
a day that celebrates each of us.

I wish you a wonderful time
when it is your special day.


C. Joy said...

Happy Birthday! What a clever, smart husband you have. Around here we have a saying, "If mama ain't happy - nobody is happy." Stay happy.

Chy said...

Thank you! He's a pretty good guy. I'm thinking after 30 years, I may just keep him.

Love the saying. Always good to keep the mama happy!!

Enjoy the weekend.


Carolyn said...

It is lovely to be "spoiled rotten"once in awhile!

I have the same Trisha Romance plate-I love her work too.

Thank you for your kind words-I am now a follower.

Have a great weekend,

Chy said...

I met Trisha on my birthday about 16 years ago. I didn't even know she was coming to town but my husband did & took me over to the Art Gallery to meet her & have her sign my book. That was the best treat! She's lovely & so down to earth. I love her work because our children, when they were small, all had very blonde hair & our dream is to build a home much like the ones she depicts in her art. I have 14 pieces so far & hope to grow my collection even more as the years go on.

Thank you Carolyn!


bellaboo said...

Glad you had such a lovely day on your birthday.What a sweet hubby you have....you better hold on to him! :0)

Chy said...

He promised me "forever" Bellaboo & he's living up to that quite well!