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October 31, 2011

Quiet Halloween on Our Vibrant Street.

We live on a vibrant street, in the southwest corner of our small hamlet of 54,000. This house was supposed to be another 2 year flip. Gut it, fix it up & sell. 

But somehow, we ended up staying.

For 20 years.

How did that happen? It feels like home now but at times we are reminded we were not supposed to stay too long.

This is the longest either one of us has ever lived in one spot.
We never envisioned we see the day where we'd
actually have to replace a roof on a house.

Rip up our landscaping that had done all it could.

Or have Halloween dwindle to just a handful of kids. 

Halloween on our vibrant street used to mean all the parents deciding who was going out with the kids & who was staying home. Planning strategies for snowy Halloweens & strategies for the unusual years ago but now standard warm, fall Halloween nights, with no snow & no snowsuits to stuff under costumes. We would try to outdo each other with our decorations, music & scary props. And plan to meet at the end of the street, where the really cool family would always have the best candy for the kids & hot toddies for all the parents who live on our vibrant street.

A night for fun, tricks & of course,
treats that we'd have to help our kids finish up.

We live on a vibrant street, where no one moves away,
even after their kids are grown.

And Halloween has become a very "dead" event,
on our vibrant street, where we live.

A quiet night, with our decorations, music & bowls full of candy
but very few kids to grace our front steps.


♥ Miss Tea said...

Happy Halloween to you! it's all the same here at my end, no kids knocking the door on halloween, a quiet halloween, I love all the halloween decorations you have there and the look of your porch! x susan

Chris said...

Hi Chy, it sounds like you are so sad that your street is becoming very quiet. Some would find that a blessing. LOL At least you have your little doggie. I also live in Canada, in Northern Ontario. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Chy said...

Hi Chris,

It is sad as I love the sound of children playing but I must admit, it is nice to have a quiet street as well. No more parties and racing cars down the street, now that the teens are grown and our puppies are much calmer when they lay out on the deck in the summertime. The one thing it is doing is getting us used to the quiet that we'll experience once we move out to the country.

Thank you for following my blog. I'm off to visit yours now!