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October 13, 2011

Little things ...

... can just add to my day. Tough going yesterday. The wind was howling, the rain was cold & the conversations kept coming back to how tough winter is going to be this year in the "Great White North".

Personally, I take each day as it comes but many is this neck of the woods seem to thrive on the drama of how harsh our seasons can be at times.

I often love a good blizzard so I can stay home, safe & comfortable in my little nest. A day to create, sleep, reconnect with friends, write, snuggle & eat warm, comforting foods.

Last winter was hard. Long, cold & the snow just kept coming. We couldn't figure out after a while where to pile it. But in the end, spring arrived & moods changed. All of us were so grateful for the little flower blossoms that soon graced our earth & there was great delight in the warmth of summer days.

But as we get closer to the first snow fall, expected any day, attitudes begin to foster moodiness.


I take comfort in making myself feel better when I'm surrounded by dark moods & dark weather. On the way home from work yesterday, I realized I had forgotten to buy myself some lunch with the $10 in my wallet. Hunger had alluded me all day. But I needed a "pick~me~up" & suddenly found myself turning into the thrift store just a few minutes away from where we live.

Can't wait to hang this! I have the perfect spot for it
just above this couch.

Little tin to add to my collection.
And my favorite candy in the world,
next to chocolate, is caramel ... mmmm!

Cherished Teddy named "Iris".
When it's snowy outside,
I'll be reminded of spring!

Little china plate for .50 cents.
Not sure what I'll do with it,
but it was in perfect condition,
has beautiful colors &
has the Royal Albert insignia.

I only spent an entire $4.50 but the lift to my spirits was priceless.

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