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October 23, 2011

Eye Candy on My Roof!

Our roof is getting new shingles.

This event has created a number of appointments with older men who have spent time measuring said roof, going over the fine details of the installation & reviewing our vast multitude of choices for new shingles. Who knew new roofs could so intriguing.

Architectural. Straight. Flat. Layered.

Black. Grey. Brown. Red. Green. Blue.

Seriously? Who puts blue shingles on a roof?

I digress.

20 year shingles. 25 year shingles. 30 year shingles. 50 year shingles. Lifetime warranty shingles.

So many choices.

In the end, we had 4 quotes, chose the most reasonable in price (not the cheapest) & ended up with the Harmony "Twilight Grey" Architectural Lifetime Warranty shingles, for the same price as the very ordinary single layer shingles, with a 20 year warranty. 

We are good at getting deals!

Best part though of this whole deal, besides being very happy about the price (we're talking thousands less than all our neighbors because we're so good at the negotiation piece), the quality & the installation date (one week earlier than first quoted), it's the eye candy outside my window that has been the icing on the cake. 

Old men to quote. 
Young men to deliver.
And even prettier young men to install. 

My only disappointment is that it's a bit too chilly to discard any clothing. Had the weather been hot, I might have been more inclined to read a book on my deck while the roofing eye candy works away the afternoon, with no shirts on, says my imagination! But instead, I had to find a task that would take me close to a window for gazing & the only thing I could think of was to paint the last remaining walls that were eagerly waiting for the last coat of paint. And dream of what muscles were incased within the heavy hoodies cloaking the very, I'm sure underneath all the clothes, hunky bodies ...

My dear husband raised his eyebrows at the thought. Poor guy!


Hugh Dinatale said...

Oh, Chy, I sympathize with your husband. Since you said that you were able to save thousands on your new roof, I gotta say that you’ve really found a good deal with those Harmony shingles. I hope you chose the one that has a hurricane-resistant protection. =)

Hugh Dinatale

Richard Boles said...

Smart choice, Chy! Just like you, I do not settle for products that are cheap, but have very low quality materials. My wife and I recently ordered our new roofing system after Blizzard Nemo struck our local community. We chose a 30 year-warranty shingles, which is ideal for our house design and our budget.

Richard Boles

Willie Norman said...

Shingles are proving to be the choice of many households nowadays. They can be acquired through great deals compared to other roofing systems, and most of them have warranty policies that are perfect against calamities. Anyway, I hope you’ll get more great deals in the future! =)

Willie Norman