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October 30, 2011

Figuring It All Out!

Blogging is getting easier. I keep changing the picture in my heading because I've finally figured out how to use Microsoft Picture Manager & now I'm hooked on trying to find the best look. A recent post by a fellow blogger gave some great suggestions for attracking others to my blog & then retaining them & other than a glitch with the comments section, I've followed each step.

I've been a faithful blog reader & commenter for several years now & jumped in when I realized I had something to share. Now to find readers who share my interests!

For fun, a recent trip to the Antique Mall netted these treasures:

Beautiful cross stitch picture.
The colors are a perfect match to our quilt
that keeps us warm at night.

Vintage pillow for our living room. Love the tassely edges!

Tiny plate of a mom with baby.

Tiny vintage picture. We've decided to create a wall of vintage art in our upper hallway. Our collection has grown quite nicely but we haven't hung anything up yet as the hall still needs a second coat of new paint & the floors need to be installed. Right now, it's a plywood base. I'm tempted to hang the pictures anyway & just take them down when we're ready to do the final coat of paint & lay the floors but fear if I do that, the finishing will never happen! Too many projects going on in our house, all at the same time. "One at a time" I keep saying. Soon, it will all be finished & then all the gathering of treasures will be even more special as we will finally get to place items where we envisioned them going when they were procured.

Almost there, almost there!


♥ Miss Tea said...

aww those are lovely! love the beautiful cross stitch and vintage pics, i know what you mean about having lots of projects which i currently in and so little time and sometimes i cant have my priority right which one i should do first! anyways, thanks for your comment and i dont mind if you wanted to put me in your blog list, i'll do the same! thanks again! susan

Linda said...

The cross stitch was such a charming find...it is perfect for your room!