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October 15, 2011

The letter "B"

Because every little boy named "Beckett"
should have a "B" in his room ...

... just in case he forgets
what letter his precious name starts with!

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♥ Miss Tea said...

awwww so cute! looks like it's a big letter B, and your Beckett is a nice name. Thanks for dropping by my blog and left a comment, i too don't like some charity shops with high street prices, i dont know why they need to decorate and price their items like a high street shops, i actually like boot sale or jumble sale better but coz it's always on sunday and my husband can't really wake up early and drive me there, so i settle on charity shops, the messier the charity shops the better coz i like a good ol rummaging thru boxes and baskets to find treasures. Have a wonderful day!