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November 22, 2022

Cream Lace.

We have a few "collections" around the cottage. I wanted to share this one, that I have posted a bit about in in the past. We visited the Eastern part of Canada about 10 years ago when I had to present at a very large national conference. Shopping one afternoon, we stumbled across this amazing china in an antique shop. Created by artist Skye McGhie, the pattern is "Cream Lace" and I love the whimsical, lacy look. However, at the time, we were on a much tighter budget and it would have been impossible to try and bring back china on the plane. Or have it shipped. So we vowed to just start look for pieces here and there. Look at the collection now! There are even a few pieces that are light pink and one that is light green. The tiny gift boxes on the big heart plate in the last photo are green, purple and white. I've run out of room but we still keep our eyes open when we're out and about. I've even found a few key pieces on Marketplace. Just one of a number of collections that we have and enjoy adding to.

I'll show more collections over time.
Is there anything you enjoy collecting?

~ Chy

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happyone said...

Oh I love cream lace, so very pretty!
One of my collections is the old Fiestaware. I collect the original 6 colors.