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September 14, 2018

Pickled Beets.

Last Monday, while the rain poured outside, I was introduced to the art of pickling, from someone who has so much experience, she doesn't even need to write down the recipe. Pure talent! My gramma, who died 10 years ago, used to pickle cucumbers and beets. She would bring them up to us whenever she visited. And I often asked her if she could share what she knew. She always would say "one day" ..... but then she died, and it was too late. So I feel so lucky to have someone in my life who not only knows how to pickle but had the time and the very important patience to teach me something new. Loved our day together and today, I picked up all the very successful jars of beets. We have to wait a bit longer before we can dig in but I think we're pretty set for the Winter. There is nothing like eating something you've grown and then made it in to something so truly yummy!

One day I hope to be that person who can share a recipe, a talent, patience and time. Such a gift when it comes from the heart, truly from the heart. Thank you S for this gift ....


Granny Marigold said...

My youngest son ( aged 40) made his first attempt at gardening this year. He had more beans than he and his partner could possibly eat so he came over and I showed him just how easy it is to make pickled beans. He's so pleased with the results.

Chy said...

That sounds amazing! Something new to try next year! X Chy