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September 24, 2018


We've had 8 days of snow out of 24 days of
September .... and just a few of those Fall.

I decided today to surround myself with beautiful
shots of our garden from the last few weeks, before
the snow fell from the sky. It will likely all be
melted before the end of the day. Finally warm.

Last year, the blooms on our newly planted Hydrangea
were very small but I was so happy to have some. This
Summer, the plant grew larger and then this happened!
Blooms of different sizes. It made me so happy each
day to come around the corner of the veranda to see
these pretty colors, changing each time. I can't wait for
next year already to see the size of the plant. I'm hoping
the blooms will increase in size and number. Shots today
so you can see the success of my little gardening skills
that are growing each year as I research then plant. Enjoy!


Granny Marigold said...

Such delicate pink and white blooms on your Hydrangea.
Do you know what the name of it is?

Chy said...

Hi Granny. This one is called a Limelight. It starts out green and then slowly the blooms start to turn pink. I love it! Let me know that you got this message. X Chy

Anne in the kitchen said...

We have had temps consistently in the 90's throughout this month, so you have no idea how refreshing a couple of snows would be!.
The hydrangeas are beautiful!

Happy@Home said...

Your hydrangeas are so pretty. As I am new to your blog, I'm not sure where you are located. I can't imagine snow yet. Although as I am in North Carolina, I would greatly welcome cooler temperatures.

Chy said...

Hi Anne. Thank you! I think they're pretty sweet too. I'd be happy to send along some of the snow if you'd like, though it did finally all melt today. Next snow! X Chy

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting, Happy@Home! I'm located in Alberta, in Western Canada. We live in the country, in the forest. And love it! Hope you'll pop in again!! X Chy