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September 11, 2018

Empty Garden.

After a wonderful Summer of growing
fresh produce in our first veggie patch ....

.... we unfortunately have had to pull it
all out early due to 4 days of snow that
is currently on it's way to our region. So
sad to have to pick every thing so early.

In addition to these sweet carrots and our
pumpkins, we ended up with tons of peas,
huge zucchini's, an amazing amount of
beets and sweet onions. A great success!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Snow in September !! Sounds like Alberta - early growing up in the praries winter zoomed in early in September and straggles of cold and ice and snow sometimes stayed on in to June sometimes - but that was 60 + years ago, and based on my memory of my parent's memories a lot longer ago that 60.

Lovely garden produce - what a wonderful way to have your first garden successes recorded.


Granny Marigold said...

Seems early for snow but maybe it will disappear quickly. Otherwise you are going straight from Summer to Winter, missing Fall completely.

TheAwakenedSoul said...

I'm sorry that you had to pick things early. Your pumpkins look beautiful. I planted mine very late. It's still quite warm here during the day. At least you knew the snow was coming and didn't lose your crop. Enjoy the change is seasons...

Chy said...

It's not the first time that has arrived this early Joy but it's so disheartening!

Thank you for your kind words about our garden ~ it was fun and I can't wait until next Spring!

X Chy

Chy said...

Yup, we missed the last bit of Summer Granny but I'm hopeful we'll still get Fall!

X Chy

Chy said...

I'm glad though, Awakened Soul, that we did pick everything early. At least now we get to enjoy our veggies instead of watching them turn bad with the frost and cold temps!

Still hoping for Fall ....

X Chy