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August 31, 2015


To prepare for our big baby loss walk this past
weekend, we agreed to be interviewed by our
local news station. It was so much fun to have
the feature shot in our new home in the country.

Our camera man, checking on the volume.

The reporter asked great questions and
we did a bit of bonding after the shoot.

Have you ever been on tv or on the radio?


~Carla~ said...

Very neat! I've been on tv, radio, newspaper & magazines! lol!

Chy said...

That's sweet Carla! Lots of fun to be a "celebrity" for a short moment!

Penny said...

In was once interviewed in the street about something (can't actually remember what it was now, something to do with sport I think, which I had no idea about!) and it was aired on the radio news, much to my embarrassment! X

Chy said...

That would have been sweet to see Penny!