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August 6, 2015

August Break '15: Numbers.

Prompt for yesterday's August Break
Photo Challenge: Numbers. 

We ordered this unique door for our
theatre room back in January. A cold,
wintery day and a last minute decision
change when we spotted this new item.

We were so thrilled with this fun find,
we neglected to pay close attention to
the finer details, like for example, the
numbers on the movie tickets.

What makes the #58 so special? Well,
it just happens to be the number of our
house! No, we didn't pick it, there was
no option to do so. Pure coincidence.

For two people who spend so much time
focusing on the smaller details, I truly
can't believe we missed this one. And
the funny thing is, we just noticed it on
the weekend, when we were moving a
few items into the theatre room. We've
been home now for 6 weeks but it just
came to our attention now. Sweet!!


Cheapchick said...

What a neat door - and it's custom to your home :)

Anne in the kitchen said...

Cool door! Maybe it's true and there are no coincidences.

Penny said...

Looks like fate had that door in store for you! X

Chy said...

Thanks Cheapchick. Such a great find and even better with our number on it!

Chy said...

No coincidences for sure, Anne!

Chy said...

I have always believed in fate, Penny. This door was certainly meant to be!!