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August 5, 2015

August Break '15: Skin.

For the third installment of the August Break Photo
Challenge, "skin" is the theme. Here is my pic: 

I used to marvel at my grandmother's hands when I
was small. All the lines and grooves looked to me
like a landscape. Recently, I looked down at my hands
one day and realized I was now there, with the hands
of a wise woman with many experiences to share. I 
guess this makes me old! Now just how did that happen?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Great post and brings back memories. I loved looking at and holding my grandmothers very wrinkled hands. Thank you for that memory.

Penny said...

I always notice hands when I meet someone new. My hands are identical to my dad's, and I love that so much. I am like him in lots of ways, but it is a constant comfort to me to have the same hands as him, it brings him closer somehow x