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March 1, 2014

Six Weeks ....

.... until we pack up our suitcase and hop on the plane to a much warmer climate than we are experiencing here. We're definitely warmer than Saskatchewan and certainly do not have the snow that British Columbia is having but it's cold here and the forecast isn't changing anytime soon. At least the sun is out, making our nippy cold temps somehow not as bad as it sounds. No complaining here.

We booked our hotel a few weeks ago and are excited that we found a lovely spot. Today, we booked our airplane tickets and are grateful for the sale we found. And the lovely agent who helped us choose the best time to fly each way. So far, we're under budget for what we expected to pay. A few more things to book or arrange and then we're good to go. 

Although the picture I chose for my post tonight is whimsical, we plan to travel with just out backpacks and one carry on bag. Not checking luggage saves time and we don't ever have to worry about lost luggage. Light travelers, we are!

Are you planning a journey this year?
Where will your next adventure take you too?


Cheapchick said...

So spill - where are you going??? Happy travels!

Chy said...

This was a trip that wasn't in our 2014 budget or our plans. But our daughter, now a single mom, is taking her sweet little boy, our grandson to Disneyland and asked if we'd like to come along. How could we say no?! We worked out a budget that wouldn't touch our daily funds, our emergency funds or our travel funds and came up with a financial plan that we'll implement for future trips. Very excited to be going with a 3 year old who is a big Disney fan. Can't wait to see his face when he realizes we're on our way!!

It's our 30th Wedding Anniversary this year, so we're also planning a short trip to Salt Spring (we're having Salt Spring Island withdrawals at the moment, even though they are covered in snow!) and hoping to try a cruise later in the year or early 2015.

Love this time in our lives when we can jet away without worries.

Cheapchick said...

Sounds like a great year for travelling! Enjoy Disney - and fyi although The islands are covered in snow due to recent rain it is almost gone - and I saw bunnies today eating grass. Spring is such a wonderful time here by the Coast.

Chy said...

I'm so envious of the idea that bunnies are out eating the grass. Here they are still burrowing down. Soon our white will turn to mud, then green. Can't wait!