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March 2, 2014

Our New Toy!

We ordered our KitchenAid Mixer off The Shopping Channel and it arrived at our house 8 days later. 

The box was huge!!

Loaded with many goodies + the mixer. 

Even B was excited to open the big box!

His mama helped me get the mixer out. 

A vibrant shade of green apple!

And then the mixing began ....

First we made white cupcakes. 

Then a yummy chocolate cake.

I truly believe when we wait for something we'd really like to have, saving, scrimping, dreaming and drooling, we truly appreciate the item when it is in our possession. I love to bake and still have the very small, handheld mixer that I received as a wedding gift 30 years ago. But now I have a real treasure and am so grateful for a husband who understands my need to save so a large purchase like this, even on sale at "an amazing, unbelievable, extra tools included plus the cookbook" price how happy this makes me. 

So worth the long wait!


Lena said...

Nice! Lovely color too.

Chy said...

Love the color. I'm love all shades of green but this one is so pretty!

Liz said...

Looks like fun!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Chy said...

Too much fun Liz!! We may end needing diets after all my mixing .....

Thea said...

Glad you have at last got the mixer you wanted ..and thank you for your kind words
Thea x

Chy said...

Definitely worth the wait, Thea! I'm sure you are so enjoying yours as well.