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April 27, 2013

Brewing Storm!

There is a storm brewing outside 
our window. An advisory has
been issued for strong winds
topping 90 km an hour 
and heavy, dreary rain. 

There is even a chance of a
powerful thunderstorm. We did
see streaks of lightening on the 
way home from the storm. 

We usually don't get storms
like this until July, so it's a bit
early but it has been a weird year
for weather. With rain showers in
the winter and snow in the spring,
this kind of weather doesn't
truly surprise me anymore

For tonight, we'll batten down the 
hatches and stay cozy. And hope that
the strong winds don't get worse. I 
love our trees and don't wish to see
any fall down as some have in the
past. Fingers crossed!


Lorrie said...

Stay cozy. I hope the storm abates quickly.

Chy said...

It's calmer tonight. Nice and rainy and making the grass green and the air light.