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April 22, 2013

Lace Love!

I love shopping at the thrift store 
and coming across beautiful 
handmade lace for a price that 
makes me so incredibly sad. 

 I love paying the small price.

But sad that someone spent a lot
of time working so hard to make
these incredible pieces of art and
someone else decides that they
are only worth .25 cents ~ for
all three. Sad!

Do you love to collect lace?


Lorrie said...

I do like collecting lace. But I don't use doilies just now, so most of it just sits in the cupboard, and once in awhile I take out the pieces to handle (or fondle, as my husband says).

Chy said...

I have some that is not on display but will pull them out for things like memorial services or meetings when we have candles set out for families. Always good to have a few extras on hand!!