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April 27, 2013

My Love ....

.... tucked me into my 
comfy bed tonight, after I 
worked all day with a stuffy 
head, dizziness, aching ears and 
a constant shift between 
being hot and cold. 

He made a yummy dinner, 
soft so I could swallow.

Heated up my hot water
bottle to the exact temp
I love and can tolerate. 

He turned on the tv so I 
could be entertained
and plugged in my laptop
so I could write. 

Not sure what I did to deserve
him but thankful he takes such
good care of me. He 
truly is my love!


Elizabethd said...

Isn't it lovely to have such care.

Chy said...

I hope he feels that I care for him as much but sometimes think I don't measure up. He's always thinking of little things to make my day!