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February 13, 2013


 Our two grandbabies met each
other for the first time
on the weekend.
For big cousin B,
it was almost like visiting
Santa Claus at Christmas. 
The build up to that special
event was so exciting.
It is all he talked about
for days. But
when he was placed
on the lap of the
 jolly man, he screamed
until he was put back down.
He loves the pictures of
himself screaming, while
Santa is chuckling. And
chatters about this experience
still, two months later.
Visiting cousin L on Saturday
was much like this event,
minus the screaming!
L arrived, safe, sound & small
on Friday. And then it was
finally time.

B was coy at first,
keeping a safe distance
& clearly unsure of the
small mewing noises
she was making.

He would start to get closer.

Feel brave.

Then change his mind!

Eventually he sat on the bed.
It was safe, as mama held
her brand new niece.

Suddenly, the phone was more
fascinating. He would peek over
at her every few minutes but
truly, being the cool older
cousin was an image he needed
to project & protect!

Finally, it was time to leave.
He never did touch her or
get too close. But he said
good night & chatted about
her all the way home!
I am sure one day, they will
be the best of friends.
For now, he is keeping a safe
distance from the action
until he figures out his new
role & his new place in our
growing family!

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