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February 17, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat!

A graphic of what it looked like outside our windows today! So excited for spring ....
My favorite blogs! And the seed catalogue that arrived in the mail this week. As a new gardener, I am trying to get ahead of the game and figure out what to plant this year in our garden. Drooling over pictures of fresh carrots and peas!
Listening to:
Oldest daughter mumble away while she figures out her banking online. The pups nails click on the wood floors. Youngest daughter making her own dinner because apparently the scrumptious dinner dh made was NOT good enough. I beg to differ. Even had a second helping!
The Amazing Race. I do NOT enjoy watching reality shows, which is why I am reading blogs and writing while everyone else watches. Makes me nervous and I feel sorry for the guy who loses.
Dinner was cooked by dh and I devoured my portion plus some extra! Roasted pork rib with creamed corn and risotto. Yummy!
Accomplished this week:
I created the spreadsheet to make the T4 slips for my staff (all three of them!), gathered the items needed to do our review for the organization, gathered our personal items needed to do our taxes (waiting for our T4 slips), bought Turbo Tax and did mock returns to see if we need to buy RRSP products. So far, we do not have to but we still might. Need to make that decision this week.
Looking forward to this week:
1.) Writing my 100th blog post this week. And doing my first giveaway to celebrate the event! 2.) Getting my dining room table back. All the papers are in neat piles, files lined up, scraps shredded and empty files waiting for this years returns to be placed inside. But still, I like an empty table vs. a crowded one. 3.) Looking forward to seeing our granddaughter again. We last saw her a few days ago but thankfully have been getting regular Instagram pictures so we can see how her little body has begun to uncurl and stretch out. I am quite sure she is really missing gramma and grampa, so we need to drive into the city for a little visit!

Thankful for today:
Despite the cool, rainy, snowy, gloomy weather, we had a warm, relaxing day. Groceries and laundry were our only tasks that needed attention. Enjoying an evening to just write and then take some time to put my quilt blocks together so I can start the next step for our second quilt.
Bonus Question: Have you ever received a gift you were less than thrilled with? Did you feel like you had to keep/use it in order to spare feelings from getting hurt?
 My in-laws once gave me a red scarf, knowing full well that I will not and cannot wear the color red. I did not even dress my kids in red (long story for another day). They made a big fuss that they had hoped I had gotten over it and it was to be the first of many red items they planned to add to my wardrobe. I was livid inside but tried so hard to hide it. I think their intentions were good but it still made me upset. Thankfully my dh told them not to try to get me to change my ideas and that was the end of it, though I did notice for the longest time after that they wore red clothes in our presence. Almost like they were making a point silently. I asked their permission to donate the scarf so someone else could enjoy it and they were agreeable to that. The topic was never brought up again!

Head over to http://halfdozendaily.typepad.com/my-half-dozen-daily/2013/02/sunday-night-chit-chat-2.html to join in!


Elizabethd said...

Why ever should anyone need to insist on what colour another person wears? It doesn't sound very kind.
Sound like you've got a good week coming up, with plenty planned.
Congrats on 100 posts!

Chy said...

I was always curious why the color red was such an issue and why they felt they needed to change my own ideas around color. But we still had a good relationship and a minor blip in our time together. It did teach me how I wanted to be an in law and I work really hard to not be "that mom in law"!

Have a great week! We're having a nice lazy day off today before the busyness of the week begins. Chilly outside. Perfect day to be inside and do some meal preparation and finish up doing taxes.