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May 22, 2023

Bleeding Hearts.

It's finally Spring in our region when my Bleeding Heart begins to bloom. I love the tiny pink and white hearts that hang from the branches and dance in the breeze. Reminds me of the one that my mom had in our garden at the first house we lived in when we first moved to Alberta when I was 12. I had never seen one before and was fascinated by the blooms. I recall my mom not having time for gardening when we lived in Saskatchewan ~ 2 young kids, a busy career, a husband who often had to travel meant out garden was pretty basic with just trees, grass and a few bushes. I don't ever recall pots of flowers or a flower bed. When we moved provinces, I remember she was so excited to have a house with an established garden that was full of perennials. She did have to plant annuals in the brick planter under the front window but the rest was basically all done for her. Weeding was often an issue. It bugs me to this day to see weeds in our garden (pulled as quick as they come) because she didn't spend a lot of time weeding either. I always wished for a beautiful yard and it was a commitment we made to each other with our first house to never leave the yard work to sit. With the acreage, we've had to relax that a bit and learn to live with a more natural landscape vs. totally manicured. I do love the direction we've done in with our original blank canvas that is now starting to truly look like everything has purpose and a place. Permaculture and working with nature is helping but I also love our little gardens we've created around the cottage. One day, it will all be finished! How happy we'll be to just sit and enjoy it all. For now, we marvel at little Bleeding Hearts and dream of full gardens in the years to come. 

How is your sweet garden coming along?
Is it where you wish it to be or still in progress?

~ Chy

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