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February 10, 2019

Spring Dreaming.

The cold, the bitter, through your bones, can't get warm cold continues. Extreme Weather Alerts and Announcements were issued last Friday, February 1st. This is now Day 10. And honestly, this needs to go away! And not come back!!

To keep our minds off the snow and the icy cold, we've been keeping very busy with purging, donating, getting items ready for inclusion in our Antique Mall Booth, working on our upcoming Summer Music Festival, I've been catching up on case notes for my counselling clients, reading new books from Christmas, and finally, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming about Spring! I have made a veggie patch plan, am working on where I'd like to plant more perennials, and thinking about pots and planters. Last year, we put as much of our gardening tools into our little potting shed. This Spring, I'd like to get it organized and thinking about what that would look like. And finally, we have some landscaping to finish and part of that is installing our front arbor gate where we hope to create a little parking area for guests. Ideally, if this works, they would pull up to the front of our house, which has a much more welcoming view than the side of our house. They would park, stroll through the arbor gate and trek down a short path to our front door. Dreaming of plants and bushes, maybe even roses to make the path enjoyable and fragrant. A bit of work for this dream.

Hope you are staying warm and maybe dreaming in a bit of Spring Dreaming while the landscape outside swirls in a icy cold, snowy weather pattern. Hope you'll share what is keeping you sane and positive during this polar vortex ....

~ Chy


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Ah, spring dreaming is so lovely Chu. It snowed today - we were out in the coastal BC -3 C weather and were working (day 2) on hauling the back yard fence which blew mostly forward into our yard during the last big wind storm.

DH cut 'down' at the posts with a saws-all - nasty dangerous blade - into fence sections, then we, with the help of our beloved strong 15 year old DGS, hauled each section to lean against our shed. The worst is moved. The ground is frozen hard. Just as we finished snow flakes turned into a big snow (for coastal BC) and we came in to warm up and plan the next step. I am glad we got the fence pieces moved today.


Chy said...

You were sure busy! Hope your snow is gone. After 2 entire weeks, the Extreme Cold Warning was finally lifted yesterday. Today's it a balmy -16 and we're all celebrating!! X Chy