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May 29, 2018

The Gate Story.

Our gate story began back not long after we moved in to our new house. We wanted to put two sets of gates across our driveway (it's in the shape of a U) along with fencing to tie it all together. Interviewed a number of contractors, chose one in the middle, after checking out his references. We signed a contract, agreed on a start date and provided funds so he could purchase the gates themselves. All seemed well and on track. And yet, we ended up caught up in a bit of a scam. This caused a lot of embarrassment (how could we fall for this?) and anxiety (we are out over $5,000) but for the guy who did this to us, we were not willing to deal with the embarrassment and the anxiety for the rest of our life. We kept in contact, put things in to place and finally, the week after we got back from our holiday, he was able to actually pay us back, in full and some extra for our stress. A bad situation solved. The only downside is now I will forever and ever, from this time on, have a very hard time trusting future contractors. Not fair to the real guys but we'll do our best to regain our trust in time. Our deck contractor, who's done quite a bit of work for us over the years with both our new house and our old house, now our rental, is able to do a gate install and we've loved his work, so we'll start with signing him on for this big job. I'm looking forward to eventually having our home secured and beautiful gates to greet us at the end of the day. P.S. The gate above is not ours but a rendition of what we hope ours will look like in the future. Wish us luck .... our hearts need it!

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