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May 28, 2018

Mother Tea Cup.

I am a tea lover and am thankful in our house, everyone else is too. None of us drinks coffee but tea is our comfort drink, our "warm me up" drink, our conversational drink. We have collected tea cups over the years, starting with the one that I received after my grandma died. Each grandchild, who had enjoyed many cups of teas at my grandparents home over the years, was allowed to choose their own special cup from her collection. I cherished mine for years but unfortunately, when we had a house fire, it was one item that was destroyed in the chaos. I wanted to replace it and that led to searching for the same one, which we never did find, but creating our own collection. 

When we were building our new home, we added in what we call our "tea cupboard" ~ a built in cupboard between our kitchen and our formal dining room. Everyone else would call this a Butler's Pantry but ours truly serves a different purpose. We have a lovely collection of tea pots, cups, saucers, sugar bowls, creamers and all sorts of serving plates for crumpets and cakes. I love our tea cupboard with it's glass doors and pretty shelf with it's own arch to match the arches in our  house. A favorite spot for sure. I'd love one day to find the tea cup above to add to the rest of the cups we cherish.

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