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January 6, 2018

Lavender Dreaming.

Compared to the rest of North America and even parts of Europe, we're doing pretty good here, weather wise. Above normal temperatures are still in place. It even rained this morning! And our little bit of snow we did have has begun to melt. Next week, we'll go back to more Wintry weather but for now, we're enjoying what we can. 

I'm reading blog after blog and seeing all the pictures and videos of the snow, the wind, the flooding and the freezing temps, so I'm sending out heartfelt wishes for a quick end and a safe return to a more normal weather pattern for where ever you live. Soon, very soon, this will be over.

In all of this, I'm keeping my self positive by thinking about our Spring gardening plans. Spring here can start as early as March, so we're no far off. But we do tend to not plant new seeds/bulbs/flowers/veggies until May as the ground can still be frozen until then. I found an amazing gardening journal at the charity shop one day last year. Now I'll start using it to plan out our 2018 gardens ~ both plants as well as our first real veggie patch. Exciting times ahead as we figure this out.

I have always loved the smell and look of lavender. But was told a few times that growing it here in our climate was not possible. However, a few years ago, we were at the greenhouse picking up some potting plants for our other house and we turned the corner and almost tipped over all the lavender pots. This was the year they changed our Zone from 3 to a solid 4, sometimes 4a/4b. Now that we are warmer, lavender will thrive here. So I started growing it that year, with great success so far. This year, we'll be planting an abundant supply and one of the best reasons is that deer do not like the taste nor the feeling of lavender. Great news as we do have deer in our area all the time, even moos. I'm planning out which kinds to plant and where. I learned how to dry it and use it in recipes and for things like bath salts. So very excited to have my own lavender garden for scent and use.

Do you have gardening plans in your mind?
What's your favorite plant or flower to grow?


Granny Marigold said...

In spite of the lingering snow and ice I'm reading gardening magazines and thinking of what I'll plant come Spring. I love lavender and have a row of it in the front garden. I tend to grow the hardy kind of perennials that usually make it through our winters. Coreopsis grows along our driveway and blooms all Summer. Only problem with it ( if there is one) is the constant dead-heading it needs to keep blooming. Day lilies are another of my favourites. So many others I could list!

In search of Wisdom said...

I don't like to be the bearer of bad news but I've been hearing that our climate is going to be getting cooler and cooler over the next 10-20 years. I'm not a scientist but the evidence is pretty convincing.