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February 12, 2017

Making Sense.

Dear friends. I'm trying, trying so very hard to make sense of all that has happened since January 20th. But the craziness of the last few weeks is starting to wear on all of us and I can't sleep. Eating is far from my thoughts. And relaxing? Out of the question. Key on my mind is why anyone thought that the individual in power (I won't even attempt to place his name on my blog) would be a great leader. I realize that the other options weren't top notch either but really?? Really?? What were those who voted for him thinking? I wish I could meet someone who did vote for him, someone who could clearly explain to me the thought process that went in to placing an X beside his name. I wish I could meet someone who could share their joy and satisfaction in knowing they can sleep at night because their vote was, in their eyes, successful. I wish I could meet someone who can eat without feeling sick and relax, content in the leadership in place. It just doesn't make sense to me ....

There are protests around the world. And yet, I have not seen one "rally" showcasing how excited voters are now that their choice is in power. Is anyone wishing they had voted the other way? Is anyone ashamed of their choice? Or heartbroken now that the true picture is being revealed? Is there anyone out there who regrets placing their X in the box? I can't imagine what that must feel like, just like I can't imagine what it feels like for anyone who was truly enamored and is so giddy with pride now. It boggles my mind and daily, I try to make sense of it all.

The only thing that I can see that has come out of all of this mess, this chaos, this uncertainty, is the power of the people pulling together. Even in my country, far north of the political dissention, has stepped up to show our support. Solidarity reigns and in the end, will win. Maybe it will be the best thing of all, even only the end result could be an impeachment so he can't go further with his plans for destruction in his quest for ultimate power.

Dear friends, in all of this, I am filled with pride that the world has spoken, the people have not backed down, that protests have been, for the most part, peaceful, that each baby step has purpose and that we are all in this together. Even though we don't live in the U.S., we can and will be greatly affected by this one individual's actions, as will all of our vast world. We need to continue to pick up our placards, craft our words, wear our pink hats and march for each other and those who will come after we are all dust in the wind. This is critical and history making. The only hope we have now is that this solidarity will overcome the monster that lurks and plans. Stay strong my friends, for you are important, you matter, we care and we will not let him win! 

Stepping down from my soap box. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, with blessings for a sunny day, an appetite to replenish body and soul, and a good night's sleep to begin our week once again. 

X Chy


Cheapchick said...

Even worse than not understanding is knowing you had American relatives vote for Mr Orange. People I will have much difficulty being civil to the next time I see them. Also being born in that country and feeling like you never ever want to step foot in it again. Many are feeling exactly the way you do.

Carla said...

Being Canadian (And thank God) I feel for my American friends... I can't even imagine having 'him' at the epitome of power in the U.S. He seems like a loose canon to me... you can always pray for impeachment.

Chy said...

I haven't yet asked my American cousins who they voted for. They're well educated and level headed and I really hope they chose well. A question to be asked in the future. Thanks for sharing Cheapchick!

Chy said...

I do too Carla. It's the ones though that purposely voted for him and have said nothing since that I'm not in favor of. Hopefully this ends soon!