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February 25, 2017

Egg Cooler.

 Eggs area a favorite food item around
our house. We love eggs in sandwiches ....

And in salads. So I was pretty excited to find a
sweet little egg cooler at Michael's this week. 
Best part? On sale of course! Regular price was
just under $8 but I paid just under $4. Half off.

A couple of eggs went in to my salad at lunch and
the rest back in the fridge for egg salad sandwiches
the next day. No more trying to get them to fit into
a bowl without hitting each other as they roll around. 
And no more leaving them sitting in an icy bowl
of water. Now I just put them in their little cooler
and set them in the fridge for a short time and
ta da .... perfect eggs! Great price, lovely idea.

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