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February 25, 2017

A New Treasure.

I had time between appointments the other day and
went out to get a nice hot chocolate. Cold, blustery
and even a bit rainy, so my body was feeling chilled.
On the way back to our centre, I stopped at our
local charity shop to look for a crochet hook and
some wool for a crochet lesson I was going to take.

No hooks that day and the wool was not to my liking.
But look what I found! A brand new wallet for me.

My old one, also bought at the shop and in brand
new condition, has become quite tattered over time.

This one is bigger and totally brand new (the tag
was still attached). The name on it is "Anna Sui."

I looked the name up and it's a designer and her creations
are not cheap. But I scored this lovely baby, with sweet
colors and tons of storage for my various cards and
receipts for a very tidy $6. Worth 10 times that. Happy!

Do you find items you didn't know you needed at times?
Have you found any great frugal treasures lately?


Anonymous said...

What a pretty wallet! Nothing beats a deal better than a very attractive item that is a great deal.

Chy said...

Thank you! I am happy to find not just a good deal but something I really needed and something I quite like! Chy

Granny Marigold said...

One just never knows what will be at the thrift store that will catch your eye. It's such fun and an economical (usually) treat. Love your new wallet!

Chy said...

Thanks Granny! That's what makes thrift store shopping so much fun. You never know what you'll find! X Chy