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April 4, 2014

Packing and more packing!

We've started our packing journey early but for a few good reasons. With just 6 months before the big move out to the country, we need to decide what we are taking, what we are selling and what we are donating. So far, we've packed up 24 boxes of things we'll take (our treasures), thrown out 12 blue bags of recycling items that are no longer functional or paper that we don't need, and boxed up 4 boxes of items to donate and 4 bags of clothes. My Christmas dishes are tucked away in tissue and snug in heavy duty boxes. Our excess bedding is no longer crowding up our tiny linen closet but packed and waiting for the new house. All the dollhouse fixtures and furnishings are boxed up and books are slowly leaving our bookcases to their designated cardboard homes. Next on our list is the basement storage room where we'll go thru old toys and kids clothes that are no longer needed. My husband is going thru his office this weekend and will be getting rid of his old photography equipment and film accessories that are now outdated and he no longer uses. 

Amazing how comfortable we've gotten here over the last 22 years. Doesn't matter how often we purge and reorganize, we still have tons of "stuff" that really isn't needed. I remember when we were flipping houses how freeing it was to move every 2 years and along the way, purge the stuff we didn't need any longer. I like this process and we'll have to make sure in the new house, with all the new extra space, that we don't start to fill it up!

The second level of packing we're doing is for our upcoming Disney trip. We leave in just 8 short days, so the packing has begun! Today, I'm going thru my list of what needs to be packed to see if there is anything I need to pick up. A bit of shopping is on the agenda for the weekend or later today, if dh gets home early as he's planning. Passports are ready to go and my camera is charged up. Almost ready to go!

Any packing tips to share for a big move?


Lorrie said...

You're certainly starting ahead of time. That's good. We've moved 22 times in our almost 37 years together. It's still always a hassle. Getting rid of stuff like you're doing is another good thing.

Chy said...

Wow, that is a lot of moving! When I was growing up, my dad moved us at least one a year and I hated not having a house with colorful walls. It took us 4 moves to settle into this house, that was supposed to be another flip, but somehow it felt like home and we stayed for 22 years. Now we're paying the price with all the packing, purging and donating and selling but it will be worth it in the end.