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April 20, 2014


Our trip to Disney was amazing.
All our planning paid off big time!

Mother Nature did have some fun
and spread some snow the morning
we were leaving. Happy to leave!

Our little guy B had no idea where
he was going. That was the best,
waiting for his final reaction once he knew!

Big B and little B, heading to the plane.

Finding his seat.

First plane ride and he decided
that the best parts were the turbulence!!

Big surprise when our bus to take us from L.A.
to Anaheim pulled up with McQueen on the side.

We played, we tanned, we ate, we slept
and we rode all the rides. We met all the
characters and splashed in the pool. It was
sunny, hot but not too hot, perfect in so many
ways. Everyone started planning the next
trip in 2016 before we were even off the plane.



Cheapchick said...

So glad you had fun with your family and got some sunshine - you deserve it!

Chy said...

I was really surprised how relaxing it was. But we managed to spend some time at the pool and shopping, as well as leisurely meals and sleeping in so it was a lot of fun. Today is my last day at home then the work begins again and it's a busy time of year for my job. Love it but wish there were more hours in the day!