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November 18, 2011

We're off ...

... to buy a new car today, in the blowing snow.

SUV actually to replace my SUV that is leased & ready to go back on Tuesday. I like to say car. If you say SUV, the looks are not pleasant. Not sure why, as our SUV has gotten much better gas mileage than any car we've owned & much better than my minivan that we had when our kids were all at home. I miss my minivan but not the gas bill.

We've test drove many, played with all the buttons, created our spreadsheet for comparisons, hummed & hoed (sorry for the spelling) over a 2.4L vs. a V6, dug until we could find the invoice price (legally) & now we're ready to deal.

Our list is compliled with two versions of the same vehicle. And all the things we want thrown in. No GST. Rebate of $3,100. Free winter tires installed, our choice. Free oil changes for life. Free car washes for life. Free upgraded premium floor mats. Free cargo cover. Free cargo net bag. And no administration fee. 

We never pay the administration fee. 

Why should I pay $499 for someone to fill out a piece of paper? 

No one pays me $499 when I have to fill out an assessment form for a family or a registration form for a program.

I'm told they need us to pay that to cover the human resources of the dealership. I'm not buying that one. Because honestly, the people working there were paid before I came in. And will continue to be paid if I don't buy. 

Lovely young salesman who did not pressure us last winter when we first started checking out this vehicle. Last weekend, we came back to visit & he gave us a free trip to Las Vegas, just for coming back & for remembering him. He's holding a model for us, with no pressure at all this week.

I like him.

I hope he still likes us after we present our "firm, we're not budging" offer.

We go in at 2:30 p.m.

He's off at 3:00 p.m.

We're telling him that we want to do this quick, short, sweet, to the point, no haggling, done!

Hopefully, that's the outcome.

We're prepared for a tough sell.

But past experience has shown us that we always win & get our price!

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