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November 15, 2011

Tea Pot Tuesday

I started collecting tea pots a few years ago. When we're out "hunting for treasures", we often scour the shelves for tea pots. I especially love smaller ones that only hold enough tea for two!

A recent find at our thrift store.

Not bad for a $1.

What do you collect?


♥ Miss Tea said...

i'll say that's a great bargain, dont think i've seen that kind of price or rather £1 where i live for teapots in my local thrift stores and it's such a cute teapot too :)


Chy said...

Thanks Susan. The thrift store in our community has unbelievable prices. I have shopped at Value Village, Salvation Army & Goodwill but none of them have decent prices like the Clothesline does. I love that I can go in with $10 & come out with 10 or more items. Last week, we bought a beautiful Christmas Village that was still wrapped in the box, never opened, all complete, for $20. And the original price was close to $200 (it's a larger set). We have a small village that will now go in our dining room & this one will sit in our living room.

Have a great week!