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November 20, 2011

Energy ...

I took Melatonin for the first time last night to see if I could sleep the whole night.

A very small dose 1/2 of a 3 mg pill.

I must have slept well because today I ...
  • powercleaned our preschool, including steaming the floors.
  • shoppped for dinner.
  • shopped for Christmas presents.
  • shopped for preschool art supplies.
  • moved furniture around.
  • laundry, laundry, laundry.
  • shoveled the driveway & sidewalks.
  • vacuumed, vacuumed, vacuumed.
  • cleaned out our bathroom cupboard.
  • recycled & gathered items for donation to our local thrift store.
  • put my scrapbooking/art studio back together after my dh finished installing the wood floors.
  • started reorganizing our new "library" so he can install the wood floors in there as well.
  • organized the linen cupboard.
  • organized my closet.
  • praised dh deeply for organizing his very messy closet.
  • steamcleaned the antique carpet in our living room.
  • steamcleaned the mats for our SUV that goes back to the dealership.
  • wrote my task list for the week.
  • sent a million emails.
  • okay, I only sent a few but it felt like a million because several of them had a million addresses bcc'd.
  • hung this picture in our brand new, freshly painted, reorganized & comfy master bedroom:

Matches our bedding beautifully. Our quilt has the same colors & we've done our walls in sage green, with white trim, wood floors & antique furniture. New wide white blinds but I still need to figure out a curtain for either side of the window. Just found the perfect fabric for the dining room windows, so I feel inspired now to find the perfect fabric for the master bedroom window.

Sigh. More shopping ...

I'm going to try the Melatonin for at least a solid week before I make any judgements but if today is any indication of how well I could feel & perform if I slept a full night, then I'm totally addicted ...

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