November 27, 2015

The Power of Tea.

I'm stuck at home, lounging on the couch,
watching the world outside the windows
pass me by today. Feeling sorry for myself!
But the warm tea and sweet cookie helps.

Nasty bronchitis has invaded my wee body.
Knocking me down and making me rest.
Getting paperwork done, in between the
naps. Thankful it's a quiet week for tasks.

How are you feeling this season so far?
Do you find tea makes everything better?

Beautiful Thrifty Treasure.

 I found this beautiful Karla Dornacher
"Every Day Thoughts" Book Calendar. 

I love her art work. So whimsical.

Today's verse: "Love is a flower 
that blooms in all seasons".

My gift for you today!

Introducing Hope.

A week old today, she is a welcome
gift in a world that is hurting. 

Her family is so lucky to have her,
safe and sound and sweet all around.

I was honored to be there on her first day 
on Earth. I can't wait to watch her grow!

Where have you found "hope" lately?

November 26, 2015

Thursday Treasures #2.

Welcome to the Thursday Treasures for the 2nd week. 
I'm looking forward to seeing who joins in and shares 
something special about themselves, something they 
found, something they collect, something they heart. 
All are welcome! I'll post the linky below. Have fun!!

November 20, 2015

New Life.

Today, I had the privilege of holding the tiniest baby girl. Born just 6 hours earlier, she weighed in at just under 6 pounds. A head of light hair, tiny fingers and toes, and the smallest cry you'd ever hear. She is the 3rd child in this family, the 1st girl after 2 boys. Their middle child, 2nd boy, died last year, at birth. She is their new baby, their new hope, their new future. It was an honor to hold her today, as only 2 of us were in invited to visit. No other friends, no family, just the 2 of us who held their hands when the went through the beginnings of grief when their son died. The reward for our compassion and care was to meet their little miracle, their "rainbow" baby. The calm after the storm. Today, in the midst of all that is wrong in this world, a little girl, with the middle name "Hope" reinforced that out of hardship, grace, beauty and hope can be born.  

November 19, 2015

Will you join in?

I've really enjoyed being part of "linky parties". It's a great way to check out new blogs and meet new blogging friends! Really wanted to create my own and though I know it will take a while to catch on, I hope in time it will be a great place to showcase what we love, what we treasure and what keeps us going. I chose to call it "Thursday Treasures" for a couple of reasons. It's my favorite day of the week, I love treasures and it isn't the beginning of the week or the very end. Hope you'll join in!! 

Here's the link with a bit of information. Feel free to pass is on ....

An InLinkz Link-up

November 18, 2015


So many time this week I've tried to write a post about the recent tragic events in Paris. The words swirl around in my head but I just couldn't get them down on the page. Trying to make sense of a very senseless act has been difficult. I've never understood the rationale behind killing innocent people. I've never understood the desire to create conflict that ends in bloodshed. I've never understood how someone can wake up in the morning knowing that because of their actions, their grand plan, for many, it will be their last day on Earth. I've never understood the need to control others and the need for power. I've never understood the history. I've never understood war. I'm not sure I want to understand.

Maybe it's better I don't, for the act of trying to understand creates in me so much anxiety. I'm sure this is true for others right now, as we watch our world take sides on many conflicts, not just this one event. 

I remember leaning about war when I was 10. I remember long discussions in the classroom about nuclear war and what our last days on this planet might look like. I remember learning about the Holocaust and the millions of people who died because of their beliefs. I remember my grandparents talking about how they lived during both World Wars. I remember crying myself to sleep at night, head tucked under the pillow to quiet my sobs, as I wished for more time to be a kid and a future to be an adult. I remember my parents saying the wars of the past were done and the wars of the future maybe would never come. But that didn't stop me from worrying at an age when innocence was still supposed to be present. It wasn't fair to have to think about such horrible times but it also did give me a sense of gratitude as a child, then as a teen and now as an adult that we are fortunate to live in a country that is peaceful and somewhat removed from the world of conflict.

At least for now. 

I still have that gratitude. But I also have guilt. How can I enjoy a sunny day when someone else is mourning? How can I complain about the price of gas when someone else has nothing to eat? How can I be upset if someone cuts me off in traffic when someone else has to wonder if the next time they step outside their front door, will it be their last day to live? How can I be so selfish?

I'll never understand, I'll never stop worrying and I'll never stop remembering. 

Tonight, I wish for world peace. Forgiveness and rebuilding. Community and support. 

If only my wish could come true.

November 15, 2015

Warm and Cozy ....

,,,, and ready for bed!

We finally put fairy lights above our bed. And with
the fireplace on to warm up our room, it feels very
cozy for a dark, winter's night. With all the terror
in the world tonight, I'm thankful for this little nest.

Do you have a favorite spot in your house?
Where do you get away from the outside world?