August 2, 2015


The first post for the 2015 August Break Photo Challenge is titled "Breakfast". Below is my entry for the challenge.

I am not a big breakfast eater, unless we are out or on holidays. My daily choice is usually Multi Grain Cheerios with fruit. Today, I added fresh, wild, organic raspberries to my bowl. How do I  know they are organic? Because I picked them from our little raspberry patch just a few minutes before taking this picture. And after tasting these berries, it will be hard to go back to store bought ones. So fresh, so sweet, so tart and no worries about chemicals! Truly, a scrumptious and healthy breakfast!!

What was on your breakfast menu today?
Do you have a favorite breakfast item?

August Break Photo Challenge.

I've decided that we are settled enough in our new home that I now have time to jump back into life. Today, I've joined the 2015 August Break Photo Challenge.  A bit behind as I just found out about the challenge yesterday while reading Penny's blog The Homemade Heart. I'll catch up quickly as it's only the second day. Here's the info about the challenge if you'd like to join in: 2015 August Break Photo Challenge

Hope you'll join in. Looks like fun!

July 31, 2015

Our First Dinner Party.

Our daughter had a very special birthday
a couple of weeks ago. We aren't actually
allowed to reveal the number of her
birthday but I will say it was a "biggy"!!

It was fun to unpack items so
we could celebrate nicely.

We picked purple daisies from our forest.

Polished up the wine glasses and
set out the colorful napkins.

And sprinkled the table with sweet
reminders of C's special day!

Thick Fog.

The morning we left my cousin's house to come
home, this is the sight that greeted us outside.

Thick fog that made it hard to see. 

It felt spooky to walk through the trees.

Our path off the farm. Would we make it home?

The fields bathed in fog ....

And the highway was more than a nightmare ....

But finally we left the fog behind and by the end
of the day, this beautiful sight greeted us ~ home!

Morning Sun.

Love the sun in the late afternoon
but my favorite is first thing in the
morning. The promise of a new day
is even better when it starts with sun!

How is your day looking today?
Is it sunny or gloomy?

Blue Moon.

Last night, I took this shot of the last Blue Moon
that we can see until the year 2018. It was almost
completely full and shining very bright. Tonight,
it will be at it's fullest but it's going to be cloudy.

So I'm using this shot, just in case I can't get one
later tonight. Isn't it a pretty sight?

July 30, 2015

Childhood Homes.

Found these photos on my phone today. I had taken
them back in the spring when I was in the city.

We lived in this house when we first moved to 
this province ~ I was just 12 years old.

Then when I was 14, we built this house from the
ground up. Lived here until I got married at the
age of 22. Lovely house that still looks the same!
The only house my parents built from scratch.

Do you have pictures of your childhood homes?
Do you remember all the places you've lived?


I was recently asked to speak at a week long
workshop at the university for those who wish 
to explore or work with the bereavement
field. It was an honor to not just teach what I
know but to also be reunited with the two
creators of the program I manage. 

It was an honor because both of these
amazing individuals invested a lot in
putting this program "out there|. Then,
when they left to pursue post secondary
education and other opportunities, they
gifted the program to me. That was over
ten years ago. Since then, we've worked
hard to expand and redefine the concepts.

To present with both of them watching
was a thrill. Days like this are a dream!

Do you have a dream that has been achieved?
Do you ever have days like this day?