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May 2, 2016

Inside Garden.

I played around with where to place
the sweet tulips I bought today.

In front of the big window in our
great room was a good start.

Love the landscape outside.
But it wasn't the right spot.

Then I tried the bouquet on the
piano in the window of the turret.

Pretty pink!

And that seems to be just the right
spot for these precious Spring flowers.

Calm and soothing cream. 

Did you buy or grow tulips this Spring?
Where did you display them in your house?

Colorful Treat.

 After waking up, showering, tidying
the house, then driving my dd to town,
I stopped at the grocery store to pick
up a couple of items. And these:

Tulips! They start out so expensive
but today, on sale as they were
clearing out the last bunches. I
bought these two for a tidy $2.50.

The first bunch is pink and the second
bunch is a sweet cream. All healthy. 

Now to figure out where to place them ....

Sweet Princess.

 Today, tiny Princess Charlotte will
officially celebrate her 1st Birthday. 

From Canada, we wish her a beautiful
day with her parents and brother George.

It seems like she was just born and here
she is a full year later, full of energy!

April 30, 2016

I Don't Get ....

.. how in a house where we all live
together, something as simple as 
doing laundry can have so many 
variations due to personal choice.

With so many kids in the house, laundry
was a big chore when they were small. 
As they grew, I'd have them help out in 
age appropriate ways. Sorting clothes was 
one of the many steps in washing clothes 
that I taught them. Or so I thought! 

The first picture is how my daughter washes
her clothes each week. Yup, that's right. NOT
sorted! Then I find out that all my kids do
their respective laundry chores this way. So
my lessons when they were young were a bit
of a waste of time. The second picture is how
I sort the clothes. Three baskets that
equals 6 loads of laundry for the week.

Oh well. At least they wash their own clothes 
and all have been since their early teens.

Do you sort your laundry before washing?
Or just put it all in together in one load?

Little Horse Boy.

 This little boy is following his mama's
passion for horses with lessons at the barn.

Just like when she was little, part of lessons
is taking care of your horse. He's a natural.

Brushing and tacking up, feeding and
walking. Love that he is loving it all.

Pasta on the Porch.

A sunny sky on my day off called for
a lovely lunch of Pasta on the Porch.

Do you eat meals outside?
Any favorites you can share?

Cherry Blossoms.

Our two Cherry Blossom Trees in our yard
have begun to bloom. I love the colors and
the soft petal and buds. Another few days
and they will be in full bloom. More pics then!