August 23, 2015

August Break '15: Smooth.

For the prompt "Smooth", I chose this shot
of a drink I ordered the other day. I've had
a bit of a summer cold and my throat was
really sore. But this Lavender drink helped.

It was the only thing that was smooth enough
for me to swallow. Tasting and healing.

Honoring a Special Day.

On Friday, we spent some time together
as a family to honor our tiniest daughter.

A special day because she doesn't reside
in our home, just in our hearts and our minds.

Our tiny daughter was stillborn 17 years
ago and we miss her every day. We often
wonder what she'd be like if she was here
to share her special day. Sweet, we're sure!

August 16, 2015

August Break '15: 5 Facts About Me.

This prompt for the August Break Photo Challenge
took a bit of thinking. Titled 5 Things About Me.

1. My love and I have been together for 34 years.
A long lifetime that I can't imagine without him!

2. We have experienced 12 pregnancies but have only
had the privilege of raising 4 of our babies. All grown
up now, they are, from left to right: C (22), B (28),
me (C), my love (B), C (30) and B (26). In between
we chose all B and C names for the other babies we
loved from the moment we knew they were ours.

3. We bought our first house when we were both just
20 years old. In June, we moved into the first house 
we've ever built from the ground up. Totally our own 
design. It's in the country and we love every bit of it. 

4. My love and I met when we were cast together
in a musical production of "Tom Sawyer." We've
been acting together every since. This year, it's been 
a privilege to perform in 2 different Fringe Festivals.

5. I've been an artist all my life, always creating
and exploring. My two loves right now are
mixed media and dollhouse miniatures. This
is a kit I'm building from scratch. Exciting!

August 15, 2015

An Honor.

I'm feeling honored tonight to be chosen by another blogger who shared my blog on her blog in a special post called "Blogger Spotlight." The post showed up today in my feed. A small gesture that made me feel so special. Thank you, Sonya Ann, from "A Mom, Money and More!!"

August 14, 2015

August Break '15: Notebook.

 I have collected notebooks and journals
for years. Filled them with notes, words,
doodles and pictures. A place to record
the incredible things to remember.

A place to write about heartache and
sorrow, grief and loss, and hope.

This is my newest notebook. I haven't written
in it yet. I think I'll save it for our fall trip. 
A little vacation journal. Something to look
forward to. Something to look back on.

August Break '15: Citrus

The prompt today for the August Break Photo
Challenge is Citrus. A favorite subject for me!

Unfortunately this week with our Fringe Festival
Theatre schedule, our fresh food has dwindled. A
trip to the grocery store is desperately needed. Until
then, here's the only thing I could find to depict my
true love of lemons. In the end, it's only 18% real
juice but a sweet treat on a hot day that I love!

August 6, 2015

August Break '15: Numbers.

Prompt for yesterday's August Break
Photo Challenge: Numbers. 

We ordered this unique door for our
theatre room back in January. A cold,
wintery day and a last minute decision
change when we spotted this new item.

We were so thrilled with this fun find,
we neglected to pay close attention to
the finer details, like for example, the
numbers on the movie tickets.

What makes the #58 so special? Well,
it just happens to be the number of our
house! No, we didn't pick it, there was
no option to do so. Pure coincidence.

For two people who spend so much time
focusing on the smaller details, I truly
can't believe we missed this one. And
the funny thing is, we just noticed it on
the weekend, when we were moving a
few items into the theatre room. We've
been home now for 6 weeks but it just
came to our attention now. Sweet!!

August 5, 2015

August Break '15: Skin.

For the third installment of the August Break Photo
Challenge, "skin" is the theme. Here is my pic: 

I used to marvel at my grandmother's hands when I
was small. All the lines and grooves looked to me
like a landscape. Recently, I looked down at my hands
one day and realized I was now there, with the hands
of a wise woman with many experiences to share. I 
guess this makes me old! Now just how did that happen?