December 21, 2014

Capture December: Day Twenty One.


Today, the Capture December Photo Challenge is focused on "Peace". A favorite topic for me. I decided to show this picture of two angels holding a star. Peace on Earth is what I think when I see this decoration. Wishing that all year long, around the world, we could experience this kind of peace!

What does "Peace" mean for you?

Capture December: Day Twenty.

Hi everyone!

The topic of the day for the Capture December Photo Challenge is "Tree Topper". We have two trees so I've included two pictures. The first is from our great room tree.

And the second is B's tree in our family room.

I love them both.

Do you have more than one tree in your home this year?

Capture December: Day Nineteen.

Hello again!

I feel like I'm failing with the Capture December Photo Challenge today. The prompt? "Candy canes". I couldn't find a single candy cane in our house! So I took a photo of a lovely decoration we received that reminds me a bit of candy canes because of the colors of red, green and white. 

Hope you enjoy this photo better than just a candy cane!

Capture December: Day Eighteen.

Hi everyone!

Hope you are well and enjoying this holiday season. Tonight, I'm posting a picture of "Stockings" in our home for the Capture December Photo Challenge. The first shot is the three small stockings we bought at the charity shop for our three grandpuppies: Bo, Lola and Anakin. We'll put some treats inside on Christmas Eve for all three for the morning.

A metal stocking a dear friend gifted to me one year.

Do you have stockings on your mantel or tree?

New House Update: The Garage.


We had a chance to zip out to the country today to visit the house and see the progress since our last trek out. The drywall is now finished on all three levels, including the garage. I'll share a few shots over the next few days. Today, I am focusing on the garage, which is a space that will serve several purposes: parking for two cars, freezer storage, workshop space for my dh, garden tool organization and a separate storage space for those items that are seasonal and we won't need in the house on a daily basis. 

Door leading out to the back garden.

Stairs to the house, with storage underneath.

Storage room in the corner.

We have measured but I think the ceiling is 10'.

This space will have floor to ceiling shelves.

The workshop space. Some day, we'll put in cabinets.

My car parking space.

And dh's spot for his car.

A proud man and his "man cave"!

Dd being silly!

I won't post a picture of our current garage but it's so small and so packed with gardening tools and workshop tools and recycling and boxes for moving that we can only put one car inside. Can't wait for this space that will give us room to stay organized and park comfortably. Soon, very soon!

Is your garage a dual space or just for cars?

December 18, 2014

Capture December: Day Seventeen.

Hi everyone!

"Presents" is the theme today. But I had a challenge when it came to the Capture December Photo Challenge ... we have NO gifts under the tree just yet! They are hidden away and come out on Christmas Eve. We enjoy the season so much but the gifts are not our focus, although they are fun to give and even to receive. I did find this picture from last year, after a late sleep in, a lazy pj day, followed by a slow gift opening and then a lovely cornish game hen dinner instead of the traditional turkey feast. At the end of the day, we snapped this photo of the presents we had given and received within our family. It was a fun day all around. Looking forward to this year's celebrations next week!

Do you have presents under your tree yet?

December 16, 2014

Capture December: Day Sixteen.

One more post for today ....

Guess what the Capture December Photo Challenge is for today? Any ideas? Think "light" and "bright" and "outside"!

If you guessed "Outside Christmas Lights" you guessed right.

Our backyard during this festive season. 

Do you have Outside Christmas Lights hanging up?

Capture December: Day Fifteen.

Hi again!

Photo Challenge picture for today's Capture December is "Favorite Holiday Song". Mine is revealed in the second picture. I love the various versions of this song, especially with children's choirs and can't help but sing along, loudly!

Carol of the Bells.

Do you have a Favorite Holiday Song?