February 22, 2015

I Hurt.

It's crunch time! We have just a short time before
our new house will be ready. Won't you be happy
when we finally move & I can stop talking about
the build process? Of course, I may then launch
into the next phase of the new house: landscaping.
Until then, we have lots to do. I'm thankful that
we've been working on our move since before
we started the build. But now we're speeding
everything up to get the old house sold & packed
up. For the last two weeks, we've been painting,
packing & purging. I'm so tired of the whole
process. Tonight, this is how I feel inside:

And below is how my body feels: I hurt from
head to toe. Everything aches. Pain in spots I
didn't know could hurt. Everywhere. Ouch!

The only thing that helps is knowing that
all this work is getting us one step closer
to the country. Every box, every donation
bag, every paint stroke .... worth the effort.

Just wish it didn't hurt so much!!

February 18, 2015

Sometimes, you just have too ....

 We've lived a very frugal life. At the beginning, 
it was a way to have a parent at home with our
children. Then it became our continued lifestyle, 
even after I went back to my career, 20 years 
in. Now it's a trendy subject & we still subscribe
to this way of life. But every once in a long while, 
something comes along that we have to make 
big decisions about letting go of some of our
savings & treat ourselves to an event, or a trip,
or something for our home. Yesterday, here's
what crossed our path & is now sitting all
wrapped up, ready & waiting for the new house.

A vintage heart shaped chair with light sage
green velvet fabric. In perfect condition, this
beautiful piece was created in Montgomery,
Alabama, far from snowy Alberta! The colors
are perfect for our new abode, the style just
right. And how did we find it, you may be
pondering? I was on Facebook the other night
& suddenly the antique mall posted a few
pictures of new items & there was the chair.
Without any thought & chatting with my
lovey first, I put my name down on it & they
graciously agreed to hold it for me. It wasn't
cheap but the investment is so worth the
opportunity to own this very unique piece. 
Given the long list of others who were
asking for it, even when we were picking it
up just reaffirmed that as quick as it was, 
it was the right decision for us.

And we love it!! I truly believe that each &
every one of our purchases, big & small are
so precious to us because we sacrificed so much
so our kids were given an extra measure of
security when they were growing up. Now we
could be less frugal, but we're still having
fun finding the best deals. Even though it
felt like we were spending a lot on this chair,
when we did a search, we actually found two
others, both in the U.S., for much higher
fees, so we know we did well. And both were
not in as good of shape as this one, from
what we could tell by the pictures. All in all,
another great find & one we'll cherish always.


 We're getting ready to show our house this weekend.
Scary thought, that someone is going to walk thru
our home & decide if it's right for them. What if they
hate it? What if they love it? Such mixed feelings
right now. Bittersweet yet exciting too. It's time to move!

As we open close one door ....

.... we're getting ready to open a new one.

If all goes well, in just a short time, we'll
be "home" once again. It will take time to
truly feel like our place but we're ready
for the big challenge. Old memories to
keep us going & new ones to create!

February 16, 2015

Today ....

.... boxes are gone! The ones we need are tucked
away in our storage room for moving day, the ones
we didn't need were recycled & the ones someone
else could use were donated. Feeling free & light.

Feet up for a few more hours, 
then back at it again tomorrow. 

How was your long weekend?
Did you relax or use it to get caught up?

Yesterday ....

 .... surrounded & crowded out by boxes. 

Packing is well underway.

February 15, 2015

A Surprise Today.

We drove out to see the progress on the outside of
our new house today & look what we found!

Garage doors .... I wasn't sure if I liked the design at
first but now I'm loving it. Not the traditional boxy
look that we're used to seeing. Love the arches!

Now if the lovely siding guys would move a bit
quicker, maybe we'll be able to move in this year ....

More Choices.

This is a long weekend here in sunny Alberta. We
have spent most of our weekend painting & packing,
plumbing the new sink for the kids bathroom &
purging more items that we no longer need. Lots of
work but all good stuff! Our little guy is away on a
visit with his dad, daughters are off to a movie & dh
is now at his hockey game. What am I doing? Well,
I'm surrounded by boxes that are packed, ready to go
down to our storage room until we move, boxes that
are packed, ready to go to the charity shop & empty
boxes, waiting for their contents. Cozy on the couch,
I'm trying to decide which railings to choose before
our builder asks for our decision later this week.

We have a couple of spots where railings need to be
installed, including the staircase going upstairs. I
love this as we gave it a nice twist at the bottom,
& the railings will add a lot of character here.

Just a short run at the top of the stairs.
You'll see both sets at different angles.

The "Juliet" balcony will also have
a run that will match the curve design.

Love this space. Can't wait to see it
all finished with the railings in place.

Now back to the choices.
So many to choose from.

February 14, 2015

The Day of Love.

I agree that we should & in our home, do
show love on a daily basis. But it's still
fun to have one special day that is all
about the love we express to everyone!

A day to be "mushy" or creative.

A day to say "thank you" for being part of
my little life here, in the big woods!!

How was your special day of love?