April 12, 2015

It's the little things!

 I've spent a lot of time over the last few months
getting rid of stuff as well as re~configuring how
my brain operates. Letting go of the big stuff that
in the end, doesn't count & appreciating the little things.

Here's my little thing for this week.

I ordered the Game of Thrones soundtrack
from Season 1 & The Afternoon Tea Collection
for the new house. And my heart is so full
with excitement & gratitude. Can't wait for
the doorbell to ring & the postman is on the
other side with these sweet packages for me!

Tell me what makes you stop & truly 
appreciate the little things in life ....

April 9, 2015

April 2015 Photo Challenge ~ Day Nine.

Five years ago, we were anxiously waiting
for this little guy to arrive. The Photo Challenge
prompt for today had me searching my brain,
then my hard drive for pictures to show life then.

He was on his way, his momma & poppa were
still a married couple then, we were over the moon,
& our kids were 25, 23, 21 & 17. Such a happy &
free time. Things changed not long after this tiny
being arrived Earthside. Not a good time then.

But life has a way of working out & the
happiness we had enjoyed has returned.

He arrived into an intact family & then it fell apart.

But now he & his brave & dedicated momma live
with us. We feel like the luckiest grandparents in
the world, to see him grow & change every day!
Not every gramma & papa get that experience.

What was life like for you five years ago?
Is it better or more challenging than it was?

April 8, 2015

April 2015 Photo Challenge ~ Day Eight.

"From where I stand".
Today's prompt for the photo challenge.

I imagine standing at our kitchen island &
watching my dd walk into the laundry room.

I imagine standing at our kitchen island &
seeing the wildlife outside our kitchen nook door.

I imagine standing at our kitchen island &
seeing a fire roaring & beautiful baroque music playing.

I imagine standing at our kitchen island &
watching our little guy play with his toys in the sun.

From where you stand, what do you see?

April 7, 2015

April 2015 Photo Challenge ~ Day Seven.

Photo Challenge prompt for April 7th
is "what nourishes me". I thought a
lot about this today & created many
posts in my head about all things love.

In the end, after spending quite a bit of
time chopping & mixing to make dinner, 
I chose to use photos of the lovely two
quiches I made for my family, with love.

How does this nourish me? I love to
create from scratch. And I love to eat
cheesy dishes. So it really serves two
purposes in the end. Not bad at all!!

Home Alone.

Today is my day off for the long weekend. Everyone else had Saturday to Monday off but I work on Saturdays, so my three day weekends are always Sunday to Tuesday. I had great plans of leaping out of bed, dropping C off at school & then powering through the house, finishing the last few reno items & packing up the last of the items we can pack away that we don't technically need. We woke up to rain & dark skies, that soon turned darker with flakes of snow falling, mixed with the rain. A cold,  windy, snowy, drizzly day.

After a another weekend of back breaking, body aching, physically exhausting reno work, mixed with packing & a bit of yard work on the side, my plans quickly changed when I came home after dropping said child off. I did a bit of laundry, tidied up, then set myself up in a "nest" of blankets, books, my laptop, my camera for editing, my phone, the tv remote, a hot water bottle & a pot of tea. As the rain hit the roof & blurred the windows, I settled in for a long day of writing, editing & musing about life. Part way through the day, I realized how my Mondays, the day everyone else goes back to work & I get to stay home, was lost in the long weekend. So this week, Tuesday became my official day off!

I felt guilty for a bit then let it go. In the past, my day off was truly a day to get myself grounded, a time to catch up with the little things I can't always do with a crowd of people around me & space to just be. To sit & reflect, time for enjoying the moments. Once I'm back at work tomorrow, I take off running, so I truly do cherish this time alone. I've neglected my days off a lot since we started the big push to sell then move. It has felt like all my waking moments have been taken up by work & the move. Not much time for rejuvenating my mind, my body & my soul. The rain changed my original plan but in the end, it was the best kind of day off to have. I feel great & ready to go back tomorrow.

What do your days off look like?
Do you take it off or use it for catching up?

Can you imagine ....

.... how lovely this fireplace will look on a cold,
snowy night or a misty, rainy afternoon? 

The first fireplace is now in & we are more than 
pleased with how nicely it turned out. Love it!!

April 6, 2015

April 2015 Photo Challenge ~ Day Six.

Tiny hand, not feeling well, holding on
to gramma's bigger hand, to feel better.

Touch works wonders, creates bonds,
feeds love, makes miracles. Love!

April 5, 2015

April 2015 Photo Challenge ~ Day Five.

Today, the Photo Challenge is to share my favorite color. As an artist, I love color! It's hard to truly choose just one so I have one pic that shows my color palette for the new house. The wall color we chose is called "Winter Gray" & we've teamed that up with an ivory color called "Camelot" & a green shade of sage called "Kittery Point". The last two colors are for our kitchen, great room, bathrooms & laundry room cabinets. I'm terrified to see what this will look like in the end. Hoping it all comes together. With warm wood floors, in my head, I think it will be fine. But oh the gamble we've taken! I hope in the end we don't hate our choices ....

What is your favorite color?