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May 29, 2016

Painting Project.

 We bought this little cabinet, with
shelves inside, for $10 last spring.

I finally figured out where it would be
best used but knew it needed work.

Taking it apart was easy. Painting
it will take several coats and sanding.

I'm the same green as our kitchen
cabinets and chose chalk paint.

First coat has really gone on well
but was soaked up by the wood.

I'm guessing I'll need to do at least 2 
more coats to get it to the right shade.

Once completed, this cabinet will be
set up in our mudroom. It has 4 inner
shelves and there are 4 of us always
needing places to put keys and items
we've brought home but need to take
with us each day. Very functional.

Any projects you're working on now?
Have you used chalk paint before?

Final Sale Treasures.

The last few items we bought last
weekend at the Boot Sale.

Grouped together but truthfully,
they'll end up all over the house.

First up, this British egg cup to add to 
our tiny collection in the tea cupboard.

A green perfume bottle and a matching 
lavender one for my dressing table.

And finally, this little cherub dish ~ perfect 
for little hand soaps or a mix of potpourri.

Have you been to any Boot Sales this week?
Any great treasures you can share with us?

A Blue Bottle ....

.... to add to my little collection of
bottles that includes purple, green
and pink tones. Now I have a blue
one! All different sizes too.

Vintage Frame.

I love collecting frames! As an artist, it's crucial
to me that art is displayed in ways that let them
really stand out. I also love to put vintage pictures
and postcards in frames that are of the period.
This sweet frame was just $2. It's small but
heavy and just perfect for a lovely project.

Do you collect picture frames?
How do you display art?

May 28, 2016

Celebrating 1000.

On September 3rd, 2011, I embarked on an unknown and uncertain journey. As a new writer, I was looking for ways to explore this art, a chance to share my life, an opportunity to create new memories and a place to document the progress of all my intended projects. Today, May 28th, 2016 marks my 1728th date of blogging and officially the launch of my 1000th post. I don't have a big following, my words are my own and only from the heart, and I haven't made a penny sharing this life with commentary, but today I am proud of this achievement. I love writing my blog and capturing moments. How long will I write? I have no idea and no goals to conquer, other than my annual guess of how many posts I could possibly, within reason in this busy life, create. Thank you for reading, commenting and enjoy a laugh or two with me. I've loved connecting with those who have reached out and look forward to meeting many other bloggers as this journey continues to unfold it's path. On to 2000 ~ seems so far away! But I'm up to the task. 

May 27, 2016

I Couldn't Resist.

Do you have a little written list or a running list in your head of items that you'd hope to find on treasure hunts? I like to be intentional in my purchases and if I can buy used, I'm a very happy shopper! I like to sit in a room, visualize what is missing and then add that item to my list. I have a little journal I keep so I can remember those little ideas that creep into my mind. Then it's fun to shop when I know what items I still need to pick up along the way. It's fun to hunt and even better when items that have been elusive suddenly appear one day, when I least expect them. That's what makes hunting treasures fun.

One thing I've been hoping to find is a tiny
table to put beside our tub in the master bath.

A spot to hold a cool drink, my book,
a candle and the tv remote if it's on.

This equisite table was at the Boot Sale
and listed for $8. But did I pay that? No,
of course not! I offered $5 and it was
accepted without hesitation. Great buy.

Wreath Love.

I love little wreaths. Not sure why and how
I grew to add them to our home decor.

But they are great for changing out a room
when we're decorating or honoring a season.

Tea Party Year.

If you've followed my blog for a while, you may know that I am a big tea lover. And that in this new sweet cottage we call home, we created an actual "tea pantry" instead of a traditional "butler's pantry." A lovely spot to display our tea pots, precious tea cups and saucers, tins of delicious tea and a few special books and tea trinkets. At the Boot Sale, my dh came across this beautiful book, in brand new condition. On the back is a sticker from the store it was originally purchased from, clearly in the U.K., as the tag shows the price as 20 pounds. In Canadian, at today's exchange rate, I would have paid $38.50 but instead, I had to hand over just $13.50. Not a bad deal! Love all the details in it.

Called "The Vintage Tea Party Year" it's full 
of great ideas to host tea parties during the year.

All the major holidays are covered, and I few new
ones for us to explore. We can't wait to try them!