January 29, 2015

We are Primed!

Not only did we get the long anticipated & I might add,
much loved siding this week, but the interior was also
primed. We still have to pick the final paint color.

But we did choose the light primer for underneath.
And again, we love it! You can tell the color already.

Tonight we're off to choose two small paint pots of 
the two shades we have to decide on. I'm leaning
towards the lighter & my dh is going for a bit darker.
Could be an interesting debate! In the next day or
two, our builder will take us out for a little painting
party so we can make sure the paint is the right shade
when the beautiful sun streams through the windows. 

Isn't he an amazing builder?
He has so many options & ideas for us!

Siding Love!

 Can you love an inanimate object? 
If so, I LOVE our new siding!!

I apologize for the quality of these shots.
I used my phone & it was a dark, gloomy day.
The turret above faces south. We should
have some lovey sunny afternoons here.

Southside of the house. And little B's big
bedroom window. He can't wait to move!

Muddy landscape. At this time of year, we're
usually covered in 2 to 4 feet of snow. This year?
Mud as far as your eyes can see. And warm,
rainy days, with sun & fog. Not our usual!

Back porch. Facing east. A great place for early
morning breakfasts & late night bbq's!

How is your landscape looking today?
Snow? Rain? Heat? Sun?

January 27, 2015

Does it look Vintage enough?

Choosing the siding for our new home was perhaps
the largest stress we've had with this process. Almost
everything else was pretty easy for us to decide. I
know part of that was we've been waiting so long to
do this that we're very conscious of what we wanted
in our home. We've spent years researching & collecting
ideas. Our scrapbook is huge! Our idea file overflowing.
So it was a complete surprise to both of us that we
would be so caught up with picking something as
simple as siding. We agonized over the color at first.
Originally, we were going to go with a Heritage Blue
color, with white trim & a light grey roof. But one day,
after the hole was dug & a few trees moved, we realized
in the winter, we'd be able to sometimes see our next
door neighbor's house through the forest. And guess
what color his house is? Yes, blue! Not Heritage Blue
but a more teal light washed out blue. However, his
one shed, close to our forest, is a newer structure &
he sided it in the very blue we had our heart set on.
That was the first change. In the end, we chose a dark
Sage Green. Our windows & railings are white, the trim
will be black, our front door is black & the roof is a dark
grey. The stonework that will go around the garage & at
the front of the house will also be a dark grey, almost black.
In the gabled ends & above the cape cod window dormers, 
we chose a lighter grey siding, with green everywhere else.

The agonizing & angst filled decision centered around
the style of siding. What is pretty standard here is vinyl
siding due to it's ability to act as a secondary insulator,
an important factor with our traditionally cold winters.
The only other options are brick (too expensive in this 
region), stucco (too contemporary for our desired look) or 
hardy board cement siding (too expensive for both 
product & installation). For months we went back & forth 
with colors, only to realize one day that it wasn't the color 
we were having a hard time with. It was the fact we were 
stuck with vinyl & both of us hated the look! We wanted a 
Vintage look & the typical smooth, straight edged vinyl 
look didn't appeal to us. When our builder brought out the 
trim examples for the gables, we were thrilled to see those 
pieces would be more of the look we wanted: a thick, rough 
edged, detailed cedar look product. After marveling over it 
for a day or two, we chose the grey color. And in the middle 
of the night, I woke up with a bright idea! The next morning, 
we contacted our builder, who said "let's ask the supplier 
if it can be done" & then we patiently waited for the 
reply. When it came, I was thrilled! Our question? Can we 
side the whole house in the trim pieces? Their answer? No 
one has ever done that before in this region but sure, let's 
try it!! It took months for the siding to arrive from the east 
but here it is, in the first stages of installation yesterday. 

And we couldn't be happier!!

Do you think it looks Vintage enough?
I love the "cottage" feel to it!!

Do you agonize over decisions like this?
Do you love your decision once you make it?

January 26, 2015

A Sea of Red.

Today, our nation will be honoring the bravery
& the life of one of our RCMP Officers. He was
cowardly gunned down a week ago and never
woke up from his injuries. His family, his wife
& three young sons, will be forever changed.

The red serge is the traditional uniform of our
nation's police force. Thousands of David's
colleagues will be attending the funeral, in red,
with honor. And the community, every man,
woman & child has been encouraged to wear
red today, to show our love & our support for
David & his family & his RCMP family.

A beautiful man, who was dedicated to his
career, working with children in schools,
mentoring teens, raising his own children
& a husband to his lovely wife. So sad today
that the nation is in mourning & that there is
not justice for such a painful experience.
The Regimental Funeral will be broadcast
live. Just a few miles from our home, we're
feeling how large this event will be, with red
everywhere in uniforms & civilian wear, &
white ribbons lining the streets, along with
candles & porch lights lit everywhere.

A nation mourns.
A nation asks "why?"

Rest in Peace, David.
Our nation will forever remember you!

January 25, 2015

Julie, Julia & Butter.

 After a busy day of sleeping in, then lounging
in the tub, folding laundry, washing floors,
vacuuming carpets, shredding old documents,
packing boxes, donating items (8 boxes!),
cooking meals & doing our taxes, it was time
to sit back & relax. What did I do with my time?

I snuggled up on the couch & found the movie
"Julie & Julia" just about to start. Quite ironic,
as I had just paid a very lovely .50 cents for a
brand new copy of the book last week when we
stopped in at the charity shop to donate some
items. After unloading our bags in the back,
we went around to the front, where I found this
book, a few tiny crocheted doilies & a small
green tray that matches another I bought a
year ago! I haven't even cracked the book
yet but now that I'm almost finished the
movie, it will be next on my reading list.

If you've seen the movie or read the book,
you'll know that butter is a big part of what
makes french cooking so scrumptious. Last
year, for my birthday, I received the book
"Butter Baked Goods" & lovingly wrapped
it up & packed it away to take out once our
new kitchen is all ready to be "christened"
by cooking our first meals. And butter will
be a big part of our staples list. MMmm!!

Have you seen the movie "Julie & Julia?"
Do you cook or enjoy butter in your meals or baking?

January 24, 2015


"Hope" is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops ~ at all.

And sweetest ~ in the Gale ~ is heard
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land
And on the strangest Sea
Yet never in Extremity
It asked a crumb ~ of me. 

~ Emily Dickinson ~

Mixed Up.

My precious blog, that is! The background I had carefully chosen & was totally in love with has completely disappeared!! And when I tried to add a different one to replace it, it mixed up my font & border colors. I'm so sorry! Trying to find out what happened to my provider. Someone did post on the Facebook page that their background was also mysteriously missing & the website won't load any longer, so I may be hooped to keep what I had. Trying tonight to make it all pretty again. Could be a long work in progress!! I hope you'll stick around. 

January 22, 2015

Back to his Beloved.

Today, we had the viewing to say our final goodbye
to our Beloved dad, grampa, pops. He was always a
dapper dresser & today he was outfitted to the 9's!

A beautiful suit, complete with his favorite tie &
his smart hat, perched just right on his head. He
looked so peaceful but I did keep wishing he'd
just wake up. But true to his stubborn streak, he
didn't grant my wish. We spent time sharing our
memories & then headed home. Tomorrow, he'll
be cremated & we'll bring him his urn to keep here
until we have a family celebration later in the year.

We now have both mom's wedding ring & his band.
When we take dad back to the forest to bury his urn
beside mom, his final wish to be with his Beloved will
be granted. Together they walked this Earth for over
40 years. And now they'll be together again, in their
Heaven and I'm sure creating mischief wherever
they trek. Keeps us laughing & feeling comforted
knowing they'll be arm in arm again, after almost 10
years apart. Two loves, scheming & dreaming!!