March 25, 2015

Tiny Toes. Big Love.

On a rainy, windy night 19 years ago today, our youngest son, Bretton~Elijah Lucas was born. Too tiny to live, we said hello & then in an instant, we said goodbye to the little boy with tiny toes. His brief moment in our lives filled our hearts with big love. And we've never forgotten that night. 

Bretton's name written in the sand on Salt Spring Island.

His cake today, to honor & celebrate him.
Forever loved, never forgotten.

March 23, 2015

Pretty Railings.

Our railings arrived this week. I'm so happy with the style we chose. These will be painted white to match our trim, with the handrails & the end posts stained to match our wood floors. That will be a big challenge to match them.

Glad I don't have to be the painter or the stainer!

The staircase looks so open here but soon it will be safe & all finished off. A lovely spot in the house & pretty to look at.

March 22, 2015

Ingenious Builder.

We are so lucky to have a truly ingenious builder. He thinks of the neatest ideas. We have put a small theatre room in our lower lever. A place to gather with family for special movies nights.

The one wall will hold the electronics & we did envision putting a small bookcase here. But look what Mr. D. came up with instead! Built in shelves for the equipment & a corner unit to put our DVD's.

He's amazing! Always surprising us with ideas & suggestions. Such a great experience to be able to build with someone who really seems to truly want us to have our dream home forever.

Spring Choices.

I really enjoyed participating in the "Capture December" Photo Challenge. So it was easy to decide it was time to get out my camera & capture Spring with a new challenge.

I found 2 different challenges to choose from.

Now it's just to decide which one! I may have to, in the end, flip a coin to decide as they are both great.

Are you taking part in any blogging challenges this year?

Neighbors with Benefits.

After a very busy day, after my dh had gone to play hockey with his team, grandson was tucked into bed & younger dd was in her room, chatting with a friend, my dd & I surfed channels tonight. We finally stumbled across a new show that we had seen a commercial for. Titled "Neighbors with Benefits" it was definitely not our cup of tea! We did manage to watch about 1/2 the show & it created some vibrant discussion. Our final verdict: "swinging" with other partners is not something any of us could ever imagine being attracted to. Just can't see how it adds to a healthy relationship to share your love with someone else, physically. I personally believe a truemarriage is meant to be between 2 & no one else. But that is my comfort level & clearly it is not for others who are captured in this reality show. I'm truly not a prude, but yuck!

Have you ventured into watching this new series?

March 19, 2015

Budget Thursday.

I read Carla's blog everyday & love when she posts about budgets. A favorite subject for this former banker! Today's post got me inspired to do a few notes on our budget. Always good to review on occasion.

So how is our budget, in this season of building a new house & a big move on the horizon? Not bad, not bad at all. Currently, we are mortgage free, so that has helped with our savings. However, we have also used part of those freed up funds to purchase items or building items for the new house that were not part of our original house budget. Things like the fireplaces we ordered from the States.

I won't tell you what is coming in as I do believe in some things not being public. But  I am happy to share, as Carla has, what we spend money on. And freely show where all the money goes! 

For the week of March 19th to the 26th, we need to pay for groceries, gas, our American Express full balance, & then we will add to our various savings accounts. We have one for emergencies, one for travel & one for retirement. Here's where the money goes:

* $225 for groceries including paper products
* $50 for dh's car to fill up with gas (mine is full)
* $34.68 to pay our AMEX in full (no balance ever)
* $300 to our savings for emergencies - no touching!
* $100 to our savings for travel for our trip in the fall
* $100 for our retirement savings fund (TFSA)

Grand total of $809.68. I'll allow $190.32 for extras. This gives us a working budget for the week of an even $1,000. I know we won't use the $190.32 unless something really drastic comes up that we haven't counted on. For now, if we don't use it, that rolls into the next week. We both get paid not long after. Dh's will show up in our account on the 27th of March, a Friday. He gets paid every other Friday. I get paid on the 31st as my pay periods are the 15th & 30th. My other pay comes in when I "remember" to pay myself, which is usually every couple of months & it goes straight to one of our savings accounts. Next week will be the "cushy" week with extras left over from this week & then 2 pays going in.

How's your budget working out for the month?

March 17, 2015

It's the little details ....

.... that we had hoped for & continue to marvel over as they are unwrapped. For example, we had no idea the door would also be framed in the black trim but look what we found on our trek out to the forest on the weekend.

Complete with this little detail that just, in our opinion, screams "character" & "vintage"!

I may have to sit on the front veranda & stare at the door & the trim, instead of the sunsets we know we'll get facing West. Just so pretty & sweet!

Do you have a favorite picture of your house?
Any details or character pieces you can share?

An Apology!

One of the reasons I wanted to take an extended break recently was to clear my crowded head & really focus on our new home & our upcoming move. I'm happy to say that the break worked & I can truly think in a much more clear & organized manner. However, I do feel the need to apologize as my head is now crowded with anything & everything to do with the new house & our move!

My posts her, on Facebook & even on Instagram are all house & move focused. I dream about it all day, I fall asleep with plans & lists in my head & wake up in the wee hours of the morning, excited to start the day all over again, with visions of our journey dancing through my head. 

To my faithful blog buddies & newcomers, I sincerely apologize & do promise that soon, very soon, my posts will go back to the life I shared with you, BEFORE said house posts took over! I'm not sure what I'll talk about then or if I'll have anything to share but rest assured, the house & move chat will be much more subdued, if at all. 

Back to regular programming, including 
more house pictures & commentary posts!!