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February 17, 2012

Crazy Sick ....

... and still no pictures!

I've been sick since just after Christmas.

First it was shingles.


Then I came down with a "I hurt from head to toe" flu. Thankfully it was not the 24 hour stomach flu that the community seems to have fallen victim too.

But after 8 weeks of feeling pretty lousy, I think the 24 hour flu would have been a godsend.

I can work from home and have a fantastic team, so all is well.

Yesterday, I felt pretty good. I wasn't exhausted, the sun was out and I was hungry. Drove around with my sunroof open and my tunes blasting.

Today, I'm achy and nauseous.

But hopeful I can have a great day again this weekend!

My charger is still no where to be found but I'll keep writing until it shows up.

Happy Friday!


c. Joy said...

There you are! Hope you are 100% soon. Have a great weekend.

Chy said...

Took awhile to get better, all the way into May but I'm on the mend now & back in action!! Thank you for your well wishes.