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January 3, 2012

Tea Pot Tuesday!

And on an actual Tuesday!!

My latest find: a dark plum color,
resting under our tree.

Ready for a "good cuppa" when we
sit down & put our feet up tonight
to watch Coronation Street,
a family favorite!

What do you watch when you have a cup of tea?


♥ Miss Tea said...

ooooh shining in the dark! gorgeous teapot, Happy watching coronation street, normally i read when im having tea or if it's in the morning watch bbc breakfast hehe


Chy said...

Thanks Susan. The only time I really sit down during the day is to watch tv, which is usually at the end of our day, so that's the best time for tea. Sometimes, on cold, snowy days, I'll make tea at work to warm up. But my favorite is at night, watching Corrie with my family. Cozy, warm & all is well with the world!

Enjoy your day.


Carolyn said...

It is a lovely teapot! I enjoy a cup of tea most when I come in from the cold-but anytime is good.

Take care,

C. Joy said...

Beautiful teapot. It looks made for a winter evening or morning. I had to search to find your Tell Me Thursday message. Yes, found it on ColoradoLady's comment section. Very interesting. I'm curious and will keep following to see what happens next. Funny how certain things we do in our youth to make us feel 'all grown up' or because everyone else is doing it turn out to be things we give up later on in life. It's almost like we are Dorothy and we've discovered that happiness was always in our own back yard.